Southwood Academy News

State testing will begin in the weeks following spring break. Please see the schedule posted below for specific test dates. We ask that parents please assist by ensuring that your student has their chromebook charged and that they are present and well rested for the testing days.
May 4th - SC Read Field Test and English 1 EOC Field Test
May 5th - Field Test Make Ups
May 8th - SC Ready ELA Test 1
May 9th - SC Ready ELA Test 2
May 10th - SC Ready Math
May 11th - SC Ready Make Up Tests
May 12th - SC Ready Make Up Tests
May 17th - Make Up Testing
May 18th - Make Up Testing
May 19th - Make Up Testing
May 15th - Algebra I EOC
May 16th - English I EOC
May 22nd - SC Pass Science
May 23rd - Make Up Testing
May 24th - SC Pass Social Studies
May 25th - Make Up Testing
May 26th - Make Up Testing