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Be sure to choose the correct link below (one for students already enrolled in Anderson District 5 and the other for students new to the district!)

Click here for returning students already enrolled in Anderson District 5 schools. 

Click here for students new to Anderson District 5. 

This system replaces the registration packet with paper forms you received in years past.  You should have received a letter from the district office with a pass-code.  You may complete this process from a home computer.  However, please contact our office if you would like to use one of our school computers.  

PRAISE Points:
76 Lakeside students met growth targets on 
all 3 spring MAP tests!  
School-wide, Lakeside students GREW MORE than the national norm group from Winter to Spring in 
7 out of 9 MAP testing areas!  
Overall, students enrolled in our PowerUP Math related arts class grew at a faster rate and exceeded the core math class averages of their peers!

School days M--F, 7:30 a.m.--4:00 p.m.

 A5 Middle and High School Material / Technology Fees:
 $30 for paid lunch students 
 $5.60 for reduced lunch students
$0 for free lunch students
Plus a $2 lock fee for all students. 
Car rider pick-up and drop off is in the side parking lot.  
6th grade pick-up is in the side lot off Sunset Drive. 

Picture of Viking
Tiffany Osborne - Principal
Jennifer Bruynell - Assistant Principal
Tom Farrar - Assistant Principal
Camille Richardson - Instructional Facilitator


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