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Happy Thanksgiving!
Hello Panthers! This week will be a fast and furious two days and then we will return for three full weeks in December. A couple of reminders as we head into this holiday time of the year. As busy as we all are, grading will continue as we keep students working through the standards. As I have mentioned to the staff, it is a stressful time for many with commitments in many places. The best way to keep your child on target is to plan well. Sit down and talk about everything that has to be accomplished during the time allotted.
Midterms will be coming home the first week of December and then before you know it, we will be closing out the 2nd 9 weeks of school. A lot goes on this time of year but we have to keep moving along in the work that needs to be completed.
As a kick off to this season, I want to express how thankful I am for our North Pointe family! I sincerely love what I do each day and am thankful for all of you and especially your children as they impact my life! In all your travels and family time, be safe! 
Have a great week and if we can be of any assistance, please let us know!
Kelly Elrod-email me at




North Pointe Elementary Daily Schedule


7:15-7:55 am

School doors will open

Students will report to their designated location

(Breakfast is available until 7:45)


7:45-7:55 am

Students will report to their assigned rooms


7:55 am


Students are officially tardy if not in the door at the sound of the bell

(PLEASE for the safety of your child-WALK YOUR CHILD INTO THE SCHOOL through the front entrance IF YOU ARE DROPPING THEM OFF AFTER 7:55 AND SIGN THEM IN! The school is a large facility and we want to be sure to know where each child is at all times.)


7:55 am -2:30 pm

School Day/Instruction


2:30-3:00 pm

Afternoon Announcements/Dismissal

Students will be called for buses at this time or for dismissal by car to the auditorium.

PLEASE DO NOT call the school to change transportation during the day. For your child’s safety, we must have (in writing) the notification.

You can FAX the school at 260-5041 or

E-mail one of us in the front office.


**If you are picking up by car, please remember that we only have staff on duty until 3:00 each afternoon. Many afternoons, teachers are in meetings and cannot stay and watch your child after this time. If you are running late, please call the school and let us know so your child will not be worried about you! The YMCA offers an afterschool program on our school site. After 3:00, it is considered a late pick up.

Moby Max