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    Visitor Policy 


    For the safety of our school community, all visitors must request entry into the building at the school’s main entrance only. To request entrance into the building, visitors will use the call box, located to the right of the front office door. Here, they will identify themselves to office personnel. Please stand facing the call box so that school personnel can identify you through the entrance camera. All school visitors, including parents, must first report to the front office and sign in through Lobby Guard. A driver’s license is required to through this system. If you do not have a driver’s license with you, then you will need to speak with an administrator. Visitor’s must wear a visitor’s badge when visiting the school. At no time may any visitor go to a classroom to see a student or teacher without signing in first. Visitor parking is at the front of the building. Please do not park in the driveway in the front of the building. This area must be free for cars driving through the car line and for emergency personnel. We encourage parents to visit and volunteer in the classrooms, but ask that you keep your visits short to avoid disruptions to the instructional program. Unscheduled classroom visits must be approved by an administrator in advance. Every effort will be made to schedule meetings and conferences with parents quickly, but at a time that does not interfere with instruction.



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  • These awesome students achieved PERFECT SCORES on the SC Ready Math test last spring!

    Caleb Nimmons, Whisper Zhong, Aarush


    perfect scores  



  • North Pointe Elementary Daily Schedule


    7:15-7:55 am

    School doors will open

    Students will report to their designated location

    (Breakfast is available until 7:45)


    7:45-7:55 am

    Students will report to their assigned rooms


    7:55 am


    Students are officially tardy if not in the door at the sound of the bell

    (PLEASE for the safety of your child-WALK YOUR CHILD INTO THE SCHOOL through the front entrance IF YOU ARE DROPPING THEM OFF AFTER 7:55 AND SIGN THEM IN! The school is a large facility and we want to be sure to know where each child is at all times.)


    7:55 am -2:30 pm

    School Day/Instruction


    2:30-2:50 pm

    Afternoon Announcements/Dismissal

    Students will be called for buses at this time or for dismissal by car to the auditorium.

    PLEASE DO NOT call the school to change transportation during the day. For your child’s safety, we must have (in writing) the notification.

    E-mail one of us in the front office. OR 


    **If you are picking up by car, please remember that we only have staff on duty until 3:00 each afternoon. Many afternoons, teachers are in meetings and cannot stay and watch your child after this time. If you are running late, please call the school and let us know so your child will not be worried about you! The YMCA offers an afterschool program on our school site. After 3:00, it is considered a late pick up.

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