• Terry Honeycutt


    Lander University

    Girls' Golf Coach

    PE Teacher





    • Each week students will focus on a unit of study. Students are expected to dress out each day, participate and put forth their best effort during each class. There will be quizzes over health education objectives as well as the rules for the different activities that they engage in during the course.


    • Students are required to participate in Fitnessgram testing, Comprehensive Health and CPR instruction during the first nine weeks.


    • Dressing out:
    • PE Uniforms ARE REQUIRED at all times and may not be altered in any way.
    • Shirts or shorts may not be cut, shirts may not be tied up, shorts may not be rolled up). Sagging is not allowed.........shorts must be worn at the waist.



    All students must have a combination lock and a PE locker.  Students may not share a locker.



         Participation - 80%      Each day you can earn:

         10 points     Dressing out in the appropriate uniform with tennis shoes.

           5 points     Participating in the activity

           5 points     Putting forth your best effort


         Unit Quizzes - 20%

    Make-up work:  If a student is absent, they must see their coach as soon as they return to school for the make-up assignment.



     Class Schedule         90 minutes


    Dress Out                  10 minutes 


    Roll Call                      5 minutes


    Stretch/Warmup        10 minutes


    Aerobic Exercise        20 minutes


    Daily Exercise            35 minutes


    Dress Out                 10  minutes