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    Name:  Patty Garcia   





    Honors Pre-Calculus - AP Statisticis - CP Algebra 2


    Credentials:   Ed.S. Supervision and Administration - Clemson University

                        M.Ed.  Mathematics - Clemson University

                        B.S. - Civil Engineering - McNeese State University

                        AP Statistics Endorsement

                        Gifted and Talented Endorsement     

                        IB Certification

                        Public Member of the South Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners        


    Class Schedule for 2019-2020



    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    1st Block

     H. PreCal  CP Alg 2

    2nd Block

     AP Stats  AP Stats

    3rd Block

     AP Stats  AP Stats

    4th Block

     Planning  Planning


    Daily agendas, class files, homework assignments, and all other important information relating to my class can be found at this link: Honors PreCalculus Weekly Agendas and Weekly Agendas for AP Statistics and Algebra 2 CP Weekly Agendas.