Mrs. Rardon and Mrs. Owens' Homepage

  • Mrs. Rardon and Mrs. Owens
    Names: Angela Rardon and Ashinique Owens
    Classes: Reading Recovery and Literacy Groups
    Schedule: 7:45-8:30- RR Child One
                        8:30-9:15-  RR Child Two
                        9:15-10:00-Literacy Group
                        10:00-10:40-Literacy Group
                        10:40-11:15- Literacy Group
                        11:15-11:45- Lunch
                       11:45-12:30-RR Child Three
                        12:30-1:20- Planning
                        1:20-2:15- RR Child Four
                        2:15-3:00- Duties 

    Western Carolina University- BS, Elem. Education                       
                   Southern Wesleyan- M.ED                                                                   
                   Highly Qualified: Early Childhood and Elementary Education    
    Ashinique: South Carolina State University- BS, Early Childhood
                         Southern Wesleyan University- M.ED
                         Highly Qualified: Early Childhood
    "The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss