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         Kim Addis, School Counselor      
    Kim Addis
    School Schedule:
    Monday - Friday of every week
           Buffy Jameson, School Counselor      
    School Schedule:
    M, W, and every other Friday at Concord
    Tues, Thurs, and every other Friday at McLees
    Hello and thank you for visiting our website! We are excited about another great school year at Concord Elementary!  We look forward to working with our students and families throughout the year.
    Concord offers a variety of services through our comprehensive school counseling program. All students are served through classroom guidance. Individual and small group counseling are offered on an as-needed basis. Consultation is available as well with teachers and parents.
    As educators, we try to teach our children basic manners and values in order to help them become respectful and productive members of their school, family, and community. These values are based on the IB Attitudes and Attributes and emphasize the character traits we wish to impart to our children. A strong character based on ethical values can help children make the right choices when faced with difficult situations. It is important that we work together to prepare our children to take their places as a global citizen in an increasingly complex world. If we prepare them adequately, our children will be able to make decisions that benefit themselves, their community, and the world around them.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have a need or concern. We can be reached by phone at (864) 260-5105 or by e-mail at kimaddis@anderson5.net or buffyjameson@anderson5.net. We look forward to a safe, happy, and productive school year!