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    Darrien Harrison         
    Room 610
    AVID I
     Paw     M
    B.A. Sociology (Criminal Justice)   Clemson University
    M.S.S Sports Administration          United States Sports Academy 
    Class Schedule 
    1st Semester                  2nd Semester                      Class Calenders
    1-Planning                                   1-College & Career Readiness          All assignments are posted to my Google Classroom pages.        
    2-AVID I                                       2-AVID I                                             Please email me to request access if you don't have it yet.                              
    3-AVID II                                      3-AVID II
    4-College & Career Readiness   4-Planning                                 
     Weekly Agenda
    AVID Overview 
    AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is offered as an elective course that prepares students for entrance into
    four-year colleges. There is an emphasisytical writing, preparation for college entrance and placement exams, study skills
    and test taking, note taking, and research.
    College and Career Overview
    This course is an elective course designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to pursue the college
    and/or career of your dreams through the instruction of Organizational skills, decision-making, time management, citizenship,
    and ethical behavior are a few of the themes emphasized in this course.. CCR students are expected to be motivated, able
    to manage their time so that school and studies become a top priority.  This means that they will need to be responsible for
    making wise and sometimes difficult choices. Among the varied activities in this course, students will research and present
    a project on a college or university, write a personal mission statement, research a potential career, learn to write resumes,
    fill out job applications, conduct interviews, manage personal finances as well as perform 6 hours of community service
    outside of school hours.