Welcome to my class! This is a picture of me and my puppy Ellie!

Welcome to Ms. Dingle's Class!



    Name:   Jayne Dingle


    Email:  jaynedingle@anderson5.net

    Phone Ext: 85412 (8:00-10:10) 85411 (10:17-4:00)

    Classes/Courses: Yearbook; English II; English I


    Credentials: BA in English from Clemson University; BA in Secondary Education from Clemson University. Gifted and Talented Endorsement from Converse College. 


    Class Schedule for 2019-2020



    Semester 1

    Semester 2

    1st Block



    2nd Block



    3rd Block

    English II CP

    English I CP (Inclusion)

    4th Block

    English II Honors

    English II Honors


    Link to English 2 Standards: Standards

    Yearbook Agenda:Agenda

    English I CP (Inclusion) Agenda: Agenda

    English II Honors Agenda:Agenda


    Power Hour Information: (I am one of the English Power Hour teachers)

    Every Monday & Thursday from 3:50-4:50 pm on the 500 hall.

    Students must sign up on their chromebooks for a bus ride by 10:00 am. Students who do not need transportation do not need to sign up in advance. 

    Bus riders must check-in in room 517 before going to their designated class. 

    Students must be on time or they will not be allowed to attend the tutoring session. 

    Power Hour Bus Sign-up


     ** I will be available for additional help upon request with at least 2 days prior notice**