We will have our last vocabulary test this Friday, May 24.  Here are the words to study:

    nonsense, nonfat, nonliving, nonstick, nonstop  (We are focusing on the prefix non-.)


    Field Day will be held this Friday, May 24, beginning at 11:45 for 3rd graders - 5th graders.  You are welcome to join us and watch the competition.  


    **We are ready for our Civil War unit test on Tuesday, May 20.  Students have their notes to study for this test.  It will be open-notes.  


    I will be giving the 8s multiplication test on Tuesday also.  Keep studying those facts!


    3rd grade will take their SC Ready Math test on Wednesday, May 22.  Please have your child at school on time and ready to test!  We spent last week reviewing for this big test, so everyone is ready!


    ***Award's Day is May 29.  We will have our end-of-the-year party following awards.  We'll have pizza, popcorn, candy, toys, and drinks for our Day at the Movies!


    I will send home all student writings at the end of the year.  Please look for it in your child's Monday folder in a few weeks.  Also, please send in all library books that your child may have at home.  They were all due on Friday, May 17.  Thanks!