Name:  Connitha L. Baugh 

    Email: connithabaugh@anderson5.net

    Classes/Courses: Guidance 

    Hello everyone! My name is Ms. Connitha (I don't mind if you call me Connie) Baugh, and I am your new School Counselor here at Whitehall.  I am very excited to have this opportunity to serve the student's, parents, facutly, staff, the surrounding community and A5 of course once again!  I know your wondering who I am so here is some information about me; I am graduate of Clemson University with a Master’s of Education deree in Guidance Counseling, a Bachelor’s Degree of Psychology from Southern Wesleyan University, and an Associate’s of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Science from Cayuga Community College.  I am a lover of almost all sports specially 1. basketball and 2. football, yes in that order.  I am a Clemson Tiger of course!

    My time spent will be on implementing a school counseling program and collaborating with school staff, parents and the community to create a safe and respectful learning environment. By providing education, prevention, early identification and intervention, I will help students achieve academic success, develop an understanding of career opportunities and develop social/emotional skills in response to issues they face.

    I believe in the art of gaining knowledge through education, relationships, and life experiences.  I use my gifts and talents to influence others to become the best possible person they can be.  Through my commitment I hope to foster meaningful relationships through the dynamics of leadership and guidance.  The passion for my work and obedience to the will for my life will bring forth success for students and their families.  The goal for this 2018-2019 school year is to educate, encourage, and grow "World Changers on the Road To Success" with the vision that we are "Wholeheartedly Helping Everyone Succeed."