Go Jackets!


      Chris Plymel
      Business Education
      Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Supervision, Furman University
      Bachelor of Science in Business Education, University of Georgia
      Associate In Science, Georgia Military College
      Culturally Responsive Computer Science, Clemson University
      Gifted and Talented Endorsement
      Classes:  Image Editing I and II

      2019 - 2020 Schedule: 
      Semester 1
       Block 1:  Image Editing I (Photoshop Creative Cloud)
       Block 2:  Image Editing I
       Block 3:  Planning
       Block 4:  Image Editing I
      Semester 2
       Block 1:  Image Editing I
       Block 2:  Image Editing II (Photography)
       Block 3:  Planning
       Block 4:  Image Editing I