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Degrees and Certifications:

MS - Instructional Design and Learning Technology, Anderson University BS - Electrical Engineering Technology, South Carolina State University AS - Electronics Engineering Technology, Greenville Technical College Certificate - Industrial Electronics, Norfolk Technical Vocational Center (1080 hrs.)

Mr. Kevin Randall Haynie

I began my interest in electricity and electronics when I was very young and went on to complete a two-year program in Industrial Electronics at my high school career center in Norfolk, Va. in 1979. Upon graduation from high school in Brunswick, Maine in 1980, I went directly into the US Army Infantry with the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC. I moved to the area in 1983 after my discharge, choosing Anderson County because my father was from the area, and started out living with my grandparents in Belton. I ended up serving a brief period in the Army National Guard, then switching to the Army Reserve. I was married in 1985 and worked a variety of different jobs, which led to attending technical college, and receiving an associate degree in 1987. While working on my degree, I was in the Technical Scholarship program working as a software support specialist. My son was born in 1986, so I then began my first job as a technician for Milliken & Co., prior to my graduation. In 1988, I left Milliken for the Greenville Hospital System, where I repaired and maintained medical equipment. I returned to Milliken as a technician in 1989 and immediately began taking classes towards my bachelors degree, which I completed in 1992. I continued to work for Milliken as an engineer until 1998, leaving for the plant engineer position at Santens. I began my teaching career in Anderson School District 3, teaching Electronics Technology at Crescent High School, from the middle of the 1999-2000 school year until beginning my present position at AIT at it's opening in 2019. During my time at Crescent, I had to leave my classroom twice for active duty with the Army Reserve. The first was during the 2004-05 school year to perform duties as a Drill Sergeant at Fort Jackson, SC. The second time was the 2006-07 and the first 3 months of the 2007-08 school years to serve on an Iraqi National Police Transition Team in Baghdad, Iraq. I retired from the US Army Reserve as an E-8/1SG or First Sergeant in 2008. Finally, I completed my masters degree in December of 2020, at the age of 58.

  •     The Electrical Design and Integrated Smart Systems program includes instruction and training in a wide variety of skills in the residential, commercial, and industrial electrical/electronics industries. Students are able to experience hands-on activities that allow them to gain experience in all of these areas. This, in turn, allows them to pick an area of concentration that they would be most interested in persuing as a career. Students completing this program are prepared for entry level apprentice positions in the electrical/electronics industries, or to continue their training and recieve technical advanced placement credit toward an associate degree in Industrial Electronics or Mechatronics at Tricounty Technical College. 

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  • Congratulations to the following students for being selected to represent Electrical Design and Smart Systems Technology as AIT Ambassadors:

    Malachi Pirkey - HHS

    Blake Smith - PHS

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  • Congratulations to the following students for completing the NC3 575 Multimeter Certification:


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  • Congratulations to the following students for completing Tooling-U SME Certifications in Electrical Systems:

    Electrical Units 101

    Bryson Acker - HHS 2/8/23

    Garner Slatton - HHS 3/7/23

    Erick Arrietta Sosa - WHS 3/9/23

    Safety for Electrical Work 111

    Bryson Acker - HHS 2/22/23

    Erick Arrietta Sosa - WHS 3/16/23

    Introduction to Circuits 201

    Bryson Acker - HHS 2/13/23

    Erick Arrietta Sosa - WHS 3/10/23

    DC Circuit Components 221

    Bryson Acker - HHS 2/27/23

    Electrical Instruments 251

    Bryson Acker - HHS 3/7/23

    Electrical Print Reading 261

    Bryson Acker - HHS 3/14/23

    DC Power Sources 271


    AC Power Sources 281


    Conductor Selection 291


    Series Circuit Calculations 301


    Parallel Circuit Calculations 311


    Introduction to Magnetism 211


    NEC(R) Overview 231


    AC Fundamentals 241


    Battery Selection 321


    Congratulations to the following students for completing the full Electrical Systems course in Tooling-U SME:


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  • Electrical Design and Smart Systems Technology Student Spotlight


    Robert Canterbury - AVC5

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  • Congratulations to the following students for completing OSHA-10 Certification:

    Garner Slatton - HHS 2/23/23

    Erik Arrietta Sosa - WHS 3/1/23

    Cristopher Mendoza - WHS 3/9/23

    Jaymes Richardson - HHS 3/15/23

    Preston Richardson - CHS 3/15/23

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