• Mr. Pifer

    7th Grade Sceince

    Room 310


  • 7th Grade

    Daily Schedule

    7:55-8:10         Homeroom/Breakfast

    8:10-9:48         1st Block 

    9:53-12:05       2nd Block and lunch

    12:10-1:47       3rd Block is Related Arts

    1:47-3:20         4th Block 

    3:20                   Announcements/Dismissal

  • This year we will learn about:                                         

    • Lab Safety
    • Chemistry
    • Cells
    • Genetics
    • Human Body Systems
    • Ecology

  • Classroom Expectations:

    1. Students will respect themselves, their teacher, and their classmates.
    2. Students will give their best effort to learn.
    3. Students will raise their hand to speak and/or leave their seat unless told otherwise.
    4. Students will be prepared to learn each day with their materials.
    5. Students will follow directions as soon as they are given.
    6. Students will not interrupt instruction time.
    7. Students will not have cell phones or earbuds out.
    8. Students will not have food or drink inside the classroom except for water in a clear bottle.
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