• AVID--Advancement Via Individual Determination

    AVID is a school-wide program; best practice strategies are implemented in all classrooms.  The AVID related arts class is for students who are likely to find success in Accelerated classes, given the extra support offered by the AVID related arts teacher.   Visit the AVID website for more information about the program.  Visit the district
    to find out more about our AVID vision.  

    AVID Parent Letter about Grades

    AVID Elective Teacher:  Andrew King
    AVID Site Team Coordinator:  Julie Artman

    Binder Checklist
    7 points--3" Binder and Communication Folder
    4 points--Agenda
    4 points--Pencil Pouch
    4 points--2 Pencils
    4 points--2 Pens
    5 points--5 Spiral Notebooks (core subjects as required by teacher)
    5 points--5 Pocket Folders (core subjects as required by teacher)
    4 points--Front Flap (contains "To Do" items only)
    3 points--Back Flap (filler paper)


    Student Supply List
    (A School-Wide AVID Strategy)
    * Glenview Binders with Class Dividers will be available for purchase!

    Quantity **Items
    3" Binder with inside front and back flaps
    (D-ring preferred) *
    6Pocket folders (no brads, plastic works best)
    up to 9
    (x 4 nine weeks)
    70-100 page (3-holed) Spiral notebooks
    1 packCollege-ruled paper
    1 Pencil pouch with 3 ring holes for binder
    10#2 Pencils (extra lead if mechanical)
    10Black or blue pens
    1Dry erase marker
    1 packPost-its or sticky notes
    1 setColored pencils or markers or crayons
    4 Glue sticks
    1 pack
    Quad-ruled graph paper
    (Pre-Algebra and Algebra I only)

    ** Extra supplies can be purchased and stored at home or in locker. 

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