A variety of assessments gives us the data we need to provide the most appropriate education for each individual student.  

    These tests are developed by ThinkGate and are used to determine if students have mastered the content standards each nine weeks.  

    MAP--Measures of Academic Progress

    This test is given in the fall, winter, and spring to chart student growth in ELA and Math throughout the year.  A student's RIT score suggests he/she would get about half of the questions correct at that difficulty level.  A student's percentile ranks him/her to the norm group of all other test takers across the country.  Based on your MAP score, what percent chance do you have of making at least a Met on PASS?  See the linking study.  Here are some vocabulary words you need to know in each RIT band. 

    PASS--Palmetto Assessment of State Standards

    This test is given in South Carolina annually in the spring to evaluate student achievement of state standards in ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Nine weeks test are given across the district as a benchmark evaluation of student achievement of state standards learned so far.  

    Math Proficiency Test

    This test assesses a student's fluency of basic math skills, which are foundational to success in math class.  Try these practice tests:  5th Grade  6th Grade   7th Grade
    Technology Proficiency Tests
    Students are selected for high school credit-bearing Honors Technology (Digital Literacy in 7th grade and Multimedia Basics in 8th grade) through performance on Keyboarding Skills and Computer Knowledge Objective and Application tests.  Click here for more information and practice websites. 
    End of Course Tests
    In high school credit-bearing courses (Algebra I and English I), the end of course test is given electronically in the spring and counts 20% of the course grade.

    Students can prepare at these sites:

    [Keep your passwords handy as we cannot post these on the web].

    Test Taking Tips


    Khan Academy--Watch tutorial videos and play games to practice math skills.  

    Compass Odyssey--Login with your school username and password.  Lessons assigned are based on weak skill areas identified by MAP testing.     




    Practice for the Spelling Bee:

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