• Sponsors: Olivia Wallace

    Meetings: Thursday, 3:20-4:00 in Room 104 


    What is it?
    The MATHCOUNTS Club Program is a math enrichment initiative providing the structure and activities needed to encourage the formation of math clubs within schools. The program is designed to increase enthusiasm for math and to engage students using a variety of math activities.

    Who is in MATHCOUNTS?
    MATHCOUNTS is open to all students at McCants.


    What do we do at meetings?
    Practice challenging math problems and puzzles in an atmosphere of friendly competition.


    How does the competition work?
    Students will first compete on a school level to form a team of 4 with 1 alternate.  This team then moves on to the regional competition in February, which is held in Greenville.  Finally, a win at regional sends us to the state competition in Columbia or Charleston.


    How does the competition at the school level work?
    In order to qualify for the team, a competitor must take four short tests on which they earn points for each correct answer.  The top point winners make up the team and alternates.  If you do not want to participate in the meetings but would like to still compete, please email oliviawallace@anderson5.net to complete the tests and see if you would qualify to make the competing team. Please understand that there are team rounds at the regional competition and attending club meetings on Thursdays would be essential to team building and comradery.

    Does Math Counts cost anything?
    We ask that everyone contribute snacks to share.  Please bring non-perishable food items that can be stored for future meetings.