• Teacher Re-Certification 

    All certifications for South Carolina are approved through the South Carolina Department of Education. If you are interested in obtaining certification, you can write directly to the South Carolina Department of Education. The address as follows:

    South Carolina Department of Education
    Division of School Effectiveness
    Office of Educator Services
    8301 Parklane Road
    Columbia, SC    29223
    Telephone: (877) 885-5280
    Fax (803) 896-0368
    http://ed.sc.gov - website
    Email:  certification@ed.sc.gov


    Click on the link provided for the following information

    Apply for Certification 

    How to Check Renewal Credit Status 

     State Renewal Matrix



    If you upgrade your certification or get a higher degree, you must send Human Resources a copy of your new certificate. 

    Request for Change/Action Form 

     SC Educator Licensure Manual

    Examinations Required for Licensure


    Requirements for Paraprofessionals
    According to the Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), all instructional paraprofessionals must complete at least one of the following three requirements: 
    • At least two years of study (60 semester hours) at an accredited institution of higher education; or
    • An associate's degree (or higher); or
    • An approved state or local academic assessment that measures the paraprofessional's knowledge of and ability to assist in instruction of the following subjects at the appropriate level:
         - reading, writing and mathematics: or
         - reading readiness, writing readiness, and mathematics readiness.

    To meet this assessment, paraprofessionals may choose one of the following state approved tests: 

    •  ParaPro Assessment (ETS). The minimum passing score on this test is 456.
    • Workkeys (ACT). The following four areas are required: reading, writing, mathematics, and an inventory survey.
      Call the Anderson Adult Education Center 260-5075 for more information.
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