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    Welcome to speech therapy at McLees Academy of Leadership with Mrs. Judy Jones.  We have two speech clinicians at McLees.  We will be serving students in K-5 and special education classes with diagnosed speech and language deficits.  These students have been identified and qualified as having articulation difficulties, language difficulties and/or hearing impairments.  Articulation deficits are difficulties articulating the correct speech sound during conversation.  Language deficits are deficits in vocabulary, sentence structure and/or listening skills which affect expressing needs, wants and desires.  These disabilities range from mild to severe and may hinder academic success in the classroom.  Students are grouped according to disability and grade level.
    We are growing great leaders and speakers at McLees Academy of Leadership.  We are living our vision: learning to speak, speaking to lead.  We are practicing our mission:  learning to speak as leaders.  
    The classroom teachers will refer students who may have a problem with speech sounds or comprehension/expression of language.  The teacher will contact me and we will get the referral started.  If you would like to request a screening for your student, please tell their teacher, or call me at 716-3600.  I look forward to working with your children this school year.  
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