• Students are expected to follow all school rules and teacher classroom rules and procedures.
    1. Treat Everyone with Respect.
    2. Accept Responsibility for Your Own Actions.
    3. Be Prepared.
    4. Follow All School Rules.
    1. Verbal or Nonverbal Warning.
    2. Conference with Student, lunch detention, and or Parent Contact 
    3. After School Detention
    4. Referral to Administration
    1. Students are expected to bring to class all needed materials and be organized. Organization is essential for success.
    2. Students should be on time, in their assigned seat, and working on the daily bellringer at the bell.
    3. Students are responsible for completing all work on time and getting their makeup work when absent.
    4. Students are responsible for getting progress reports and report cards signed.
    5. Students are expected to work well with others during group activities.
    6. Students are expected to use their Chromebooks and technology appropriately at all times.
    Click here for a copy of our 7th Grade Rules. 7th Grade Hallway Rules