• Ms. Katie Brown



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    (864) 260-5911 (fax)


    Mrs. Katie Brown, Principal

    A graduate of the College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education, Mrs. Brown also earned a Master of Arts in School Administration from Furman University.  She served as the Assistant Principal of Instruction at Westside from 2005-2012.  Prior to working in administration, Mrs. Brown served as a Special Education Teacher at Westside from 1996 to 2005. 



    Mr. Dan Walgate

    Educational Facilitator/Counselor


    (864) 260-5721 (office)

    (864) 260-5911 (fax)


    Mr. Dan Walgate, Educational Facilitator

    A graduate of Clemson University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education (English), he served as an Administrative Assistant Principal at Westside from 2009-2012.  Prior to working in administration, Mr. Walgate served as Graduation Coach and as an English and Latin Teacher at Westside from 1995 to 2009.