• Welcome to music!  When you visit our class, you'll find us busy singing, dancing, and playing instruments.  Music has its own set of National Standards that you'll find listed below.  Come in and join us one day. You are sure to have a great time!

    STANDARD 1: The student will sing and perform on instruments a variety of music, alone and with others.
    STANDARD 2:  The student will improvise, compose, and arrange music within specified guidelines.
    STANDARD 3:  The student will read and notate music.
    STANDARD 4:  The student will listen to, describe, analyze, and evaluate music and music performances.
    STANDARD 5:  The student will examine and perform music from a variety of stylistic and historical periods and cultures.
    STANDARD 6: The student will make connections between music and other arts disciplines, other content areas, and the world.
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