• Daily Schedule


    Arrival - Children are greeted at the door.  Children use the restroom, 
                wash hands, and self-select books from the baskets or math manipulatives from the front
                carpet.  Children will begin signing their name to indicate they are here in a few more weeks.


    Group One (Calendar/SMARTboard/Music) -  Children will 
                participate in calendar activities.  Children will participate in music, interactions, and 
                activities correlated with math and reading standards.  This is also a time for learning about 
                letter of the week.        

    Breakfast - Children sit together and enjoy a meal

    and practice conversations with each other and the teachers. 


    Bathroom Break 
    Group Two (Shared Reading/Circle Time Activity/Large Group) – Children will   
                interactively listen to our focal story addressing many 
                standards.  Children will participate in a large group 
    activity complementary to the focal story and/or unit of study. 

    Large Gross Motor Activities - Children will participate in large
                gross motor activities in our outdoor playground area or our indoor gymnasium.


    Self-Selected Centers - Children will rotate centers during this
                portion of the day selecting activities to engage in with friends to provide meaningful 
                experiences that enhance communication and higher levels of thinking.


    Tidy Up - Children will learn about the importance of responsibility by

    helping their friends clean up the centers.   

    Group Three (SMARTboard and Science/Critical Thinking) -                          
                Children will interactively listen to our focal story addressing many 
                standards.  Children will create the Sentence of the day and read the word of the day.    
               Children will participate in a large group
    activity complementary to the focal story and/or unit of study. 


    Bathroom Break 

    Group Three – (Interactive SMARTboard Lesson) - Children will participate in a short lesson on the SMARTboard that focuses on letter instruction.  The letter of the week will be discussed during this time.


    Bathroom/Wash Hands for Lunch 

                Lunch - 11:55 - 12:30 
    Group Four (Read-Aloud/Independent Book Selection) - Children will participate
                in a read-aloud focusing on one standard per day. 
                children will interactively participate in self book selection.  
    Rest - 12:45 Children will rest on their own cot during this time.  

    Rise and Shine Time - Children will help in the process of getting the

                cots put away.  Music will be playing to help the children get moving. 

    Recap, pack folders, and dismiss by having parents
    children out.  Children are escorted to the bus loading area and after-school program 
                participants dismiss to after-school activities.