A--Ants on the Apple
    Ll--Lazy Lizard
    Pp--Purple Pig
    Ss--Silly Surfer
    Ff--Funny Fish
    Mm--Messy Monkeys
    Tt--Two Teddies
    Kk--King Kevin
    Rr--Racing Rabbit
    Ww--Worried Worm
    Hh--Hairy Horse
    Bb--Busy Baby
    Xx--Fox and Ox
    VV--Visiting Vet
    c--Camel Is Coughing
    Oo--Ollie the Octopus
    Dd--Dirty Dog
    Zz--Zany Zebra
    Ee--Eddie the Egg
    Ii--Injured Insects
    Nn--Noisy Nancy
    Gg--Goat and Goose
    Qq--Queens Are Quarreling
    Jj--Jellybeans Jumping
    Uu--Ugly Uncles 
    Yy--Yaks Are Yawning
    Now we will review them all!