•  Community Involvement
    Anderson School District Five promises to provide a safe, nurturing environment for our students.  We respectfully request that all volunteers having a supervisory role with students complete a background check.  All of our school employees do this at their time of hire.  All background check information is confidential and is kept in accordance with state, federal and local regulations.  Thank you so much for helping our students and our schools!  Letter from Superintendent  
    Background checks are required of any volunteer that will be in close proximity to a student or students and who may be given supervisory responsibilities.  Examples include a field trip chaperone, tutor, mentor, driver of students to events, etc.
    The background check will include a search of the National Sex Offenders Registry.  This includes volunteers with no student one-on-one responsibilities and no overnight responsibilities.  Schools may also request a SLED check on all of their volunteers.
    Volunteers for overnight activities, one-on-one tutors, mentors, and adults that drive students other than their child to events in lieu of district transportation MUST have a SLED check.  Other county records may be checked as necessary.
    Volunteers that have approved SLED checks on file with the district that are no more than three years old will be accepted pending a National Sex Offenders Registry check.
    The District Five Mentor Program is implemented through the schools.  Please check with school to verify implementation of mentor program.  Mentors must be trained, have a SLED check, and have a National Sex Offenders Registry check completed before becoming a mentor.  SLED checks are $8.00 for mentors that meet SLED's requirements.  Otherwise, the SLED check is $26.00.
    Procedures for Submitting Volunteer Forms
    • Obtain and complete the School Volunteer Form from the school of your choice.
    • Submit the School Volunteer Form to school personnel.
    • Attach a check to cover the cost of the SLED check if required.
    • The school will submit the School Volunteer Form to the District Office for processing.
    • Once the background check is complete, the results will be forwarded back to the school principal.  Questionable results are discussed with the principal.  The principal will make the final decision as to which volunteer(s) are included or excluded from serving.