Welcome to Anderson School District Five Emergency Information Site.  This site was developed for parents to access in the event an emergency occurs at your child's school.  Information will be provided on how and where you can reunite with your child, and what the emergency is at your child's school.

    As a parent you should feel confident that Anderson School District Five has an extensive emergency plan that is modeled on the National Incident Management System.  Our plan does not just sit on a shelf.  Yearly trainings are conducted, both at the district level and school level.  In addition, every school has emergency drills throughout the school year.

    Emergency preparedness starts at home with your child, listed are a few critical things you can do:
    • Give school officials accurate information
    • Talk to your children about what to do, where to meet and how to contact you.  A good website to assist you with this is www.ready.gov
    • Provide names and contact information for people authorized to pick up your child
    • Notify school officials if you see a dangerous or suspicious situation at school
    • If your child is on medication, be sure the school has at least a 1-2 day supply

    In an emergency situation your first reaction may be to call or come to the school.  While this is a natural response, it may interfere with emergency agencies that are dealing with the situation.  We ask that instead of calling or going to the school, you get your information from the following sources:

    • Anderson School District Five District Office @ 260.5000
    • Visit the Anderson School District Five website Emergency Info @ www.anderson5.net
    • Tune into local TV and radio stations for news alerts
    • Call Anderson County Sheriff's Office or Anderson City Police Department @ 260.4444
    Remember your school is acting quickly to respond to an emergency and important lifesaving information is being communicated to your child.  Please refrain from calling your child's cell phone during an emergency.  It is understandable that you want to contact your child, but it is also important that they hear all the information being given to them.  Your child will be able to use their cell phone to contact you as soon as they are safe.
    We hope this information helps in preparing you for emergencies at your child's school.  Through a partnership with students, parents and the community, we can all help keep our schools and our children safe.