Mr. Nutt's Art I Classroom

    ART  I
    Welcome to Art I.
    All students will need to provide the following materials of their own:
       *PENCIL (sometimes a lead pencil will be fine, but there will be times when only a wooden pencil will do) 
        *SHARPIE MARKERS (both FINE and ULTRA-FINE style, black only) Sharpie brand markers are the least expensive, readily available source of high quality black ink there is. Please be sure to buy ONLY Sharpie brand, as other brands (such as Office Depot brand) will slowly fade, and stain the paper yellow with time. Students will need MANY Sharpies, of both sizes, for the entire first 9 weeks of the semester. Shortly after the beginning of the second 9 weeks of the semester, we will be done using Sharpies. I strongly recommend that you purchase the Sharpies in multi-packs (they may need as many as 10 FINE and 5+ of ULTRA-FINE), as they are much cheaper per marker when purchased in bulk.
    *SKETCHBOOK All Art I students will be required to purchase a HARDBOUND SKETCHBOOK. Sketchbooks should be 9"x12" in size. They are readily available at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and most office supply stores. They are not typically available at grocery stores, pharmacies, or dollar stores. Below is a photo of a typical black hardbound sketchbook:
    Students will have until the first Monday after school begins to acquire these materials. On that Monday, there will be a MATERIALS CHECK for a daily grade. Taking responsibility for the management of materials is an important part of any art class.
    THAT'S IT!
    Please keep in mind that the school provides the overwhelming amount of materials consumed in an art classroom (paper, lots and lots and lots of paper, paint, brushes, ink, rollers, clay, clay tools, watercolor, and more). There just simply is no way for the school to provide everything. It is important that each student take the responsibility to not only acquire the above materials, but to come to class each day with their materials in good working order. A worn out Sharpie is no longer a Sharpie- it's a plastic tube.
    A note to parents: the two art materials that every student regularly uses, for which there are just never enough, are hand-held pencil sharpeners and pink pearl erasers.  If you would like to purchase a pack or two of these to donate to the class, they would be greatly appreciated.
    OH- and KLEENEX! There is just never enough Kleenex to go around... 
    The first 9 weeks are devoted primarily to graphic-design type projects that are designed to explore the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. These projects are usually limited to black and white works done in ink (Sharpie) or pencil.
    The Elements of Art are "the things that Art is made of", and include:
    The Principles of Design are "the ways that artists arrange the Elements of Art", and include:
     In addition to The Elements of Art and The Principles of Design, these units stress the ideas of 
    -CRAFTSMANSHIP: How well-made is it?
    -CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING: Any problem has multiple possible solutions. Which ones are better than others?
    -ATTENTION SPAN: Working on the same piece for weeks at a time demands you be mentally invested.
    -WORK ETHIC: Good art is hard work!
    -DEADLINE: No matter how great your idea, if it's not done on time then what did you truly accomplish?
    The second nine weeks brings a change in both the nature of assignments and materials. It typically includes units in color pencil, paint, printmaking, and mixed media. 
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