• Employment & Training 
    All applicants for Bus Driver or Special Needs Safety Assistant must fill out an "Anderson School District Five Transportation Services Application".  All applications will stay on file for 1 year only, after a year you must re-apply for consideration of employment within the Transportation Services department.  Please make sure that the application is filled out completely with full addresses of prior employment and references.  Any applications that are not filled out completely will not be processed. We will conduct checks on references, driver's license, and background prior to approval of application.  Applicants that are approved will be contacted approximately 2 weeks prior to the next state school bus training session.  A pre-employment drug test will be administered.   
    Click here to apply:  Anderson 5 Employment Application
    Bus Driver Requirements:
    • Starting Salary for Regular Education Drivers- $16.75 per hour 
    • Starting Salary for Special Education Drivers- $17.52 per hour
    • Choice of working full time or part-time
      • Full time bus driver with benefits require a minimum of 30 hours
      • Full-time & part-time drivers are required to drive am & pm routes 5 days a week
    • School Bus Driver Job Description (link)

    Training Requirements

    • Attendance to a 20 hour state bus driver training class.  A multiple choice test will be administered. 
    • A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical is required.  (Note: Applicant cannot be on insulin shots)
    • After completing the DOT physical, bus driver candidates will go the South Carolina Highway Department with their DOT car in possession to take four written test.  We will prepare all applicants for these four test with student materials, study sessions, and CDL manuals.  The four tests are the following:
      • SC CDL Manual Guide (link)
        1. General Knowledge Test (50 multiple choice)
        2. Air Brake Test (25 multiple choice)
        3. Passenger Test (20 multiple choice)
        4. Federal "S" Endorsement Test (15 multiple choice)
    • Once the candidate has received their Commercial Beginner's Permit, they will contact MaShannon Rice to set up an interview.  The interview will determine if the candidate will continue on with training.  Training consists of CDL preparation (pre-trip, skills course, and road test), State school bus test, and a physical performance test (PPT). 
    • After training the candidate will take a CDL, State school bus, and PPT test.  These tests are hands on and written. 


    Special Needs Safety Assistant Requirements
    • Starting Salary- $9.68 per hour
    • Must work a minimum of 5 hours a day
    • All assistants must ride am and pm routes 5 days a week
    • All assistants are required to pass a Physical Performance Test (PPT) prior to employment
    • Safety Assistant Job Description (link)





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