• Parents Information
    kids on school bus
    Parent and Guardian Responsibility
    • Please have your child at his/her designated bus stop at least 10 minutes prior to estimated bus stop time.  
    • Parental supervision for younger students is recommended at bus stops.
      • Kindergarten thru 3rd grade bus riders must have a parent or guardian at the bus stop to be released from the bus. If the parent or guardian is not at the stop at the bus arrival time, the student will be transported back to school.  
        • Exception: If a kindergarten thru 3rd grader is assigned to a stop that has 4th - 12th grade students assigned to it, the K-3rd grade student will be released from the bus without parent or guardian supervision. 
    • If your child will be going home with another bus rider in the pm, the parent must notify the school by letter or telephone.  After approval from the school, the student will be issued a "Permission to Ride" form to be given to the bus driver.  
      • Students will not be approved for stop locations outside their home based school zone.  
      • Drivers are prohibited from approving the change of drop off, it must be approved by the school or transportation services.
    • All middle and high school students must have school issued ID Badges to board any school bus.  
    Important Information
    • Drivers are unable to wait at any residence and are prohibited from leaving the bus.
    • Drivers are prohibited from making any unauthorized stops to accommodate your child.  All stops must be approved by the transportation services.   
    • Band instruments or other items, carried on a school bus must be of such size that they can be transported in the student's lap and not obstruct the view of the driver or the aisle.
    • Electronic devices (IPOD, IPAD, cell phones, MP3 players, etc) are allowed while riding on the school bus only when in compliance to the Policy JICC dealing with electronic devices on school buses. 
    • Any lost and found items left on the bus will be turned into the Transportation Office.  After 10 working business days, unclaimed items without the student's full name on it will be taken to the local Thrift shops or discarded if rejected by the Thrift shop.  Lost and found items with the students name on it will be returned to their home based school within 30 days if not claimed.  You may call (864-260-5000) to see if the items you are missing have been found prior to arriving at Transportation Services Office.  
    • Any items confiscated by the bus driver will be turned into the Transportation Services Office at the end of the route.  All confiscated items must be signed out with proper identification. 

    School Messenger System 

    School Messenger is used for automated calls, emails, and text messaging regarding double routes, late buses, and certain emergency situations to enhance communication to the parents.  All phone numbers come from, PowerSchool, the District’s student information system.  If you are concerned that we do not have your current contact phone numbers and email address in PowerSchool, please contact your child’s school to verify this information.  However, if you are not receiving this message and your child ride the bus, please contact Transportation Services to verify that your child is enrolled on a school bus within PowerSchool. 

    Important Details in regards to School Messenger:

    ·         You may press 1 at any time to hear the message play through again from the beginning, or if the message does not play or is broken up.

    ·         You caller ID will display the district’s main number, 864-260-5000, anytime a call is coming through from the school or Transportation office.  Caller ID will not display a name associated with the number.

    ·         Your caller ID will display 411 anytime an emergency call is coming through from the school or Transportation Services office.  Caller ID will not display a name associated with the number.

    ·         The system will leave a message on your voicemail or answering machine. 

    ·         If you have a Privacy Director on your telephone lines you may not receive the call.  With Privacy Director all incoming calls are rerouted and the callers must identify themselves for the call to go through. Due to our system being automated it will not identify itself thus the call will not get through to your number. 

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