• Pre-School Routing Service
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    Pre School transportation is provided to South Fant  & West Market Early Childhood and Education Centers. 
    Request Transportation
    To request transportation, a transportation request form must be filled out completely at the child's school for approval.  The school will send the transportation request to the Transportation Services department.  Bus transportation will be started within 5 business days upon receipt of the request.   
    Change of Pickup or Drop Off Location
    All changes to your child's transportation pickup and drop off location must be done at your child's school.  The bus driver will notify the parent of the start date, approximate time, and bus number upon approval from the Transportation Services department.
    Parent Responsibility
    All pre-school children must have an authorized adult at the drop off location in order to be dismissed from the bus.  The individual must be visible for the bus driver to see prior to releasing the child off the bus. If the individual is someone other than the parent on the transportation form, please give the bus driver a list of three alternate adult names that are approved to receive your child.  The adult that the parent authorized to receive the child must have a valid id prior to receiving the child.   
    If no one is at home at the time of drop off, the bus driver will notify the transportation's dispatcher and return the child back to school.  After multiple occurrences of taking your child back to school, the school will take action to suspend ridership privileges.   
    Special Equipment
    Special equipment (safety vest, harness, and car seats) must be approved through the Special Education Department.  The use of special equipment must also be stated in the child's IEP.    
    Routing Information
    • All routes may change often due to an increase or decrease of student ridership.  Drivers will notify parents if any route changes are made. 
    • Please notify the transportation department if your child will not be riding the bus to ensure that your child will remain on the bus roster.  Any child that misses a consecutive week of not riding without notifying the Transportation Services department are subject to losing their seat on their assigned bus until a new transportation form is submitted for restart.
    • All stop times are approximate, please have your child ready at least 10-15 minutes prior to pickup time and allow the bus 10-15 minutes after drop off time before calling the transportation department about a late or missing bus. 
    For further information on pre-school routing, please contact Sallie Heard at (864) 260-5000 (Ext 10129).
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