• Special Education Routing

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    Request Transportation:
    To request transportation, a Special Needs Transportation Form (SNT) must be filled out completely at the child's school for approval.  The school will send the SNT for transportation services to be started within 5 business days upon approval and arrival within the Transportation Services department.  The driver will notify the parent from the number on the SNT of the start date, approximate time, and bus # upon approval from the transportation department. 
    Change of Pickup or Drop Off Location
    All changes to your child's transportation pickup and drop off location must be done at your child's school.  The school will send the changes to transportation on a revised SNT to be started within 5 business days upon approval and arrival within the transportation department. 
    Parent Responsibility
    All special needs students must have an authorized adult at the drop off location in order to be dismissed. 
    If no one is at home at the time of drop off, the bus driver will notify the transportation's dispatcher and return the child back to school.  All special needs bus riders must have a "Supervision Waiver Form" on file at the transportation office.  Supervision Waiver Forms can be obtained from your child's bus driver or the school. 
    Special Equipment
    Special equipment (safety vest, harness, and wheelchairs) must be approved through the Special Education Department.  The use of special equipment must also be stated in the child's IEP. 
    Routing Information
    • Special Needs Bus Numbers are 59-82.
    • All special needs routes have safety assistants on them to assist the driver and to ensure your child's safety to and from school.
    • Special Need students may be picked up as early as 6:00 am.
    • Pick-up and Drop Off sequence and times are based on the students' proximity to the school.
    • Routes may change often due to increase or decrease of student ridership. 
    • Anderson School District Five Transportation Services provides curb to curb service to special needs students who rides a special needs bus only.  (Exceptions to this criteria may vary in apartment complexes, dead end streets, or within close proximities of other stops)
    • Please notify the transportation department if your child will not be riding the bus to ensure that your child will remain on the bus roster.  Any child that misses a consecutive week of not riding without notifying the transportation department are subject to losing their seat on the assigned bus until a new SNT is submitted for restart. 


    If you have any questions, concerning your child's transportation, please call (864) 260-5000 (Ext 10129 or Ext. 10147).