Transportation Department Facts

  • Transportation Services Facts 
    Drivers, Assistants, and Staff Info:

    Buses & Equipment Info:

    • 83 state owned buses
    • 19 district owned buses
    • All buses are equipped with digital video cameras
    • All buses are equipped with child safety alarms so that no child will be left on the bus
    • All buses are equipped with two-way radios
    • All buses are equipped with GPS units
    • All special need buses have Safety Assistants
    • All special need buses are equipped with evacuation blankets, first aid and CPR supplies as well as other essential emergency supplies

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    • Recognized in the School Bus Fleet Magazine as one of the "Best School Bus Fleets in America" and the "Top in South Carolina"
    • Recipient of the "2010 Outstanding Service in the Education of Homeless Students award" by the McKinney-Vento Homeless Program

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