• Dear Parents and Students,
         Welcome to our website. Choosing the right school for your family is a critical and personal decision both intimidating and rewarding. You as parents are the experts and it's our job as teachers to join you.
         At South Fant School of Early Education, we are a community that believes in our philosophy of safety, love, diversity, teamwork, and learning through play. Our goal is to nurture each child by meeting their psychosocial needs daily. Our caring staff makes learning happen in all aspects of our school day.  You can observe learning evolve in South Fant!
         We believe in providing an excellent and engaging early childhood education experience. Our curriculum is built on the belief that children will excel when given the opportunity to explore and create inside and outside of their classroom environment. Our school is child-centered and helps provide the foundation on which all later learning will be built.
         The best way to understand our school is to visit and see it in action! We look forward to showing you around. We strongly believe that family and teachers must form a close bond for the benefit of all children in our school.
         Feel free to come join in on the wee "Yellow Jacket" learning!!!!!!
    Thank you for entrusting us with your most precious gift.
    Dr. Anthony Ware