• The information contained on this page provides a brief introduction to the benefits available to Anderson School District Five employees.  It does not in any way represent complete statements of the benefits offered. 
    Since many laws and policies frequently change, you are encouraged to contact the Office of Human Resources for specific benefits information.
    Health Insurance Benefits
    Anderson School District Five offers the State Health Plan (SHP) through the Public Employee Benefit Authority of South Carolina (PEBA). The plan is administered by BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina. The State Health
    Plan offers two choices; the Standard Plan and the Health Savings Plan. The Standard Plan has higher premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs. The Health Savings Plan has lower premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs.  Enrollees in the Health Savings Plan may also participate in a Health Savings Account. The SHP features “provider networks” that help save you money, early detection benefits that save your life, and prevention programs that help you stay healthy. For more information about the State Health Plan, visit the PEBA Insurance Benefits website at www.peba.sc.gov.
    Dental Insurance Benefits
    Dental insurance is also offered through PEBA and administered by BlueCross and BlueShield of South Carolina. Employees may choose to enroll in Dental  Plus or Basic Dental. Dental Plus has higher premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs. Basic Dental has lower premiums and higher out-of-pocket costs.  Basic Dental is free for the employee if enrolled. Dependents may be enrolled for an additional cost. For more information about dental insurance, visit www.peba.sc.gov
    Vision Insurance Benefits
    Vision insurance benefits are available to all employees and their dependents for a small monthly premium. The vision insurance is administered by EyeMed Vision Care and includes in-network and out-of-network benefits. For more information on vision insurance and to obtain a list of participating providers, visit www.peba.sc.gov.
    Life Insurance Benefits
    Basic term life in the amount of $3,000 is provided free to employees enrolled in a health plan and is underwritten by MetLife. Employees may enroll in  additional coverage for an additional cost to the employee. Dependent coverage is also available. In addition, basic term life in the amount of $2,000 is provided free to all eligible full-time employees and is underwritten by Mutual Omaha.  Employees may enroll in additional coverage for an additional cost to the employee. Dependent coverage is also available. Whole life insurance is offered through Colonial life and may be enrolled in  with or without a long-term care rider.
    Other Insurance Available
    Free basic long-term disability insurance is provided to health plan enrollees. An elective supplemental long-term disability plan is available to eligible full-time employees. The long-term disability insurance is administered by The Standard Insurance Company. Short-term disability insurance is offered through Colonial Life in addition to  accident and critical illness coverage, cancer assistance, and hospital 
    confinement benefits.
    Section 125 "Cafeteria Plan"
    Pre-tax health, dental, vision, and life insurance deductions and medical and dependent care reimbursement accounts provide tax savings to enrollees in these plans. Enrollees in the Health Savings Plan may participate in a pre-tax health savings account. MoneyPlu$ is the term given to the “Cafeteria Plan”  through the state of South Carolina and is administered by ASIFLEX.
    Scheduled orientation sessions for new employees are held at the District Office. State insurance annual or open enrollment occurs each year during the month of October. Annual enrollments are held during the even-numbered years and open enrollments are held in odd-numbered years. Any changes made during the enrollment periods are effective the following January 1st.
    Sick Leave
    Sick leave shall be accrued at the end of the month at the rate of 1.25 days per month of employment or 12 days for 190 days of service and 15.75 days for 240 days of active service.  *These sick leave days are advanced on the first day that the employee reports for work in each fiscal year.
    Sick leave which is accrued but not used may be accumulated up to 90 days provided that such employees do not violate their respective contracts.
    Use of Sick Leave must be in accordance with board policy.
    According to policy, sick leave will be transferable to any school district in the State of South Carolina by employee with earned leave.
    Personal Leave
    Certified and classified employees may use a maximum number of sick leave days per year for personal leave based on years of service with Anderson School District Five per the schedule set forth in board policy (see chart).  *This leave is not cumulative and should be used for personal matters that cannot be attended to on non-school days or after-school hours.
    Consecutive Years with Anderson School District Five Maximum Number of Personal Leave Days Allowed per Fiscal Year
    0 - 5 years 2 days
    6 or more 3 days
    Family Medical Leave
    It is the policy of the school district to provide eligible employees with unpaid leave in accordance with the Family Medical Leave Act.  Click here for more detailed information.

    Employee Assistance Program

    Anderson School District Five offers an employee assistance program (EAP) to employees and their eligible dependents.  Services are free and confidential, and can be accessed 24/7/365 by internet, phone, and mobile app. 

    The EAP offers many services to employees, including:

    • 24/7 access to services
    • A large variety of online resources and programs
    • No-cost counseling and referral services
    • Work/Life services including no-cost consultations with attorneys, financial professionals, child and eldercare services specialists, and others


    Retirement Savings Benefits
    The South Carolina Retirement Systems (SCRS) was established July 1, 1945. Permanent full-time and part-time employees must join unless specifically exempted by statue. Membership starts with your effective date of employment. Effective July 1, 2001, an Optional Retirement Program was established. All employees, regardless of status, have the choice of enrolling in the South Carolina Retirement System Plan (SCRS Defined Benefit Plan) or the Optional Retirement Program (ORP). For detailed information about the retirement plan offered, visit the PEBA Retirement Benefits website at www.peba.sc.gov.
    Additional Retirement Savings Benefits
    The South Carolina Deferred Compensation Program offers voluntary retirement savings benefits through 401k, ROTH 401k, 457b and ROTH 457b plans. These plans offer various funds as investment choices. Detailed information can be provided upon request through your benefits office. Information may also be obtained by visiting the website at http://southcarolinadcp.com.
    We also have an established group of vendors for 403B plans that employees may voluntarily participate in. Please contact the Payroll or Benefits Office for a list of vendors.