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    Dear Parents,
    We are very excited about the upcoming school year and look forward to working with your child. Thank you for sharing him/her with us. During the next few months, we will see these precious children grow and develop by leaps and bounds. As his/her teachers, we will be creating an environment in which your child will be given opportunities to discover the world around him/her. We will encourage him/her to become more and more independent as the year progresses. We are looking forward to helping your child become the best that he/she can be. We will provide your child with a safe environment, a place in which he is free to make mistakes, and most of all a place where he/she is loved
    In return, we ask you as parents to help us by reinforcing these concepts at home. You are your child's first and best teacher. He/she will learn more from watching and listening to you than from any teacher he ever has at school.
    Because it possible for children this age to have accidents, it is a good idea for your child to keep a change of clothes at school. Please put them in a ziploc or plastic bag and put in your child's bookbag.
    For safety reasons, it is required that an adult walks each child to and from the classroom everyday. It is also important that children be brought to school and picked up on time. They feel insecure if they are left late everyday. Thank you for being prompt. If you bring your child in late, please go to the office before coming to the classroom in order to sign your child in for the day.
    Dismissal for school is 2:15. Car riders should be picked up at 2:15. You or an approved person must sign your child out every day. If you need to change your list of approved persons, please notify us in person. For the safety of your child, we cannot give your child to anyone whose name is not on the list.
    Please feel free to contact us at anytime about questions, concerns you may have, or if your child is sick. The school office will give us any message you may have, and we will return any phone calls or e-mail at sherribowles@anderson5.net.
    We enjoy having parents visit our room and you are welcome anytime.
    I know we will achieve great things this year together. We want to work with you to provide the best education possible for your child and help them rise to their fullest potential.
    We hope your child has a wonderful year in our class.
    Sherri Bowles and Pam Lowe