Math:   We are working on building number sense using 10 frames,  using a number line to count forward from any number between 1-120,   and becoming familiar with using a hundreds chart to locate numbers, and extend a number sequence.   
    Writing:  We are beginning to learn about writing personal naratives using a small moment in our lives to write a story.  We are also practiceing handwriting and the correct formation of letters using handwriting paper. 
    Reading:  We have been learing about our literacy stations we will be using during Guided Reading groups.   We  continue to work on independent reading stamina, and will begin Guided Reading groups.   Students will begin taking home books in a baggy that are on his/her  appropriate  reading level.    Please make sure you are listing to your child read every night and signing the reading log!  :) 
    Science :   We are beginning our science unit Earth Materials. We will first learn  how to be safe scienctist  and investigate the world using our five senses. 
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