• Bag Books

    Each night your child has homework, he/she will bring home a Bag Book to read! Your child’s Bag Book may be the book he/she read during small group instruction or another small book at his/her reading level. This book will be specifically selected for your child’s reading level and your child should be able to read this book with very little assistance from you. It is important, however, to listen to your child read these books. At orientation, I will be giving you a booklet that gives information on how to help your child read books using the reading strategies we work on in class. Reading this Bag Book is part of your child’s homework assignment every night. Not returning the Bag Book daily is the same as not completing homework.  Students who forget their book must move a behavior card.  A special bag will be provided to assist your child in getting his/her book back and forth to school safely. Lost books must be paid for, as they are either part of our classroom, school, or grade level collection we use to teach reading.


    Take Home Folder

    Your child will have a folder called the “Take Home Folder” for bringing papers back and forth to school. Completed work will be sent home throughout the week in your child’s Take Home Folder. Please take the time to review your child’s work each week. You may keep the completed work that is sent home. Please sign the report and have your child return it each day. When a paper needs to be signed and returned, look for this in the pocket labeled “Return to School.” School notices will also be sent home on a daily basis in your child’s Take Home Folder. Look for important information daily in the pockets of this folder.


    Homework Folder

    Every Monday, your child will receive a Homework Sheet for the week. It will be placed in the pocket of their Homework Folder.  This sheet outlines homework assignments for the entire week. Any spelling words (Word Wall Words) will be listed. Handouts necessary to complete the work will also be attached. All homework should be returned the following morning in the Homework Folder, along with the Homework Sheet signed or initialed by a parent.


    Vocabulary Sheets

    Your child will not have a regular list of vocabulary words to learn each week. Reading vocabulary will be integrated and learned with the small books they will be reading. There may be an occasion when I want your child to work on specific words. If this is the case, I will let you know via his/her Homework Sheet or a note enclosed with their Bag Book.


    Spelling Tests

    Students will bring home a list of five new Word Wall Words and two Review Words on their Homework Sheet each Monday. These are frequently used words that students should be able to read and write from memory. We will have a spelling test on all seven words each Friday. Occasionally, we will have a week of just Review Words. Part of the spelling test will also include a sentence dictation using the Word Wall Words. It may also include generating rhyming words using a “high utility” word pattern found in one or more of the Word Wall Words that week.


    Grading Progress and Daily Grades

    Every nine weeks your child’s progress is reported on the Anderson District 5 1st Grade Progress Report. Students will receive a grade of E (excellent), S (satisfactory), N (needs improvement), or U (unsatisfactory) in the different academic areas. These grading symbols will also be used to mark some of students’ daily work. Occasionally, I will put a percentage grade on students’ work, but we do not give number or traditional letter grades on first grade progress reports.


    Key to Daily Grading System

    E                      Excellent work:  means the lesson’s objective is mastered

    S                      Satisfactory: means that there are some errors, but the student seems to understand the lesson objective

    N         Needs improvement: means the student needs mote practice on the lesson’s objective

    U         Unsatisfactory: no concrete understanding of the objective (standard) taught at this time


    Terrific Kids

    The Kiwanis Club sponsors the Terrific Kid program. Each class at Concord chooses one Terrific Kid each month. Terrific Kids are recognized at an assembly four times a year. In my class, I choose Terrific Kids by documenting students’ behavior on a daily basis (the color of their behavior card is recorded). I put the names of students having the most white cards for the month into a “hat,” and pull out the name for Terrific Kid that month.  I believe all our kids are “terrific,” but it is also nice to recognize students’ outstanding efforts toward good behavior and classroom responsibility as often as possible.


    Lunch Money

    The lunch clerk provides each student with an envelope for lunch money.  She counts and credits all lunch money. Please send your child’s lunch money in this envelope. Do not send loose money with your child. I cannot be responsible for money that is not sent in an envelope with your child’s name and the purpose for the money. Our mornings are very busy, starting at 7:45 am. Between the times of 7:45 and 8:15 a.m. your child will have a specific task to complete. I use this time to check student folders for notes and check daily homework assignments. Because we are so busy, it is helpful if you send your child’s lunch money once a week, on Monday. I don’t look in the lunch envelopes, so please do not put notes to me inside the lunch envelope.


    Other Money Sent to School

    When sending money to school for any reason, please place it in an envelope labeled with your child’s name, my name, Grade 1, and the purpose for which it is being sent.



    Please sign the transportation sheets for your child the night of Parent Orientation. On any given day, if you know that your child will be going home differently than his or her usual mode of transportation; a note is required to change your child’s transportation for that day. If you don’t send a note, please call the school office (260-5105) and they will let me know. It is against district policy to allow a student to change transportation without written or personal contact from the parent. Please understand the policy has been developed for your child’s safety and protection. For this reason, I will make no exceptions!


    Book Club Orders

    Every month or so, I will send home a book order form. You may choose books from the brochure to order for your child.  After choosing, please send the order and your check (made out to the Book Order Club) back to school. Our class gets bonus points for each order, which I use to order books for our classroom. Many of the books your child will bring home to read this year have been ordered using bonus points. It is a great way to expand and replenish our classroom library.



    E-mail is a great way to communicate with me, as I check my e-mail frequently throughout the day. If you are e-mailing me with urgent information, however, you might want to check with the office first to make sure I am not out. My e-mail will not get read if I am out with an illness or gone to a conference. If the message is urgent, you can also put an option attached to your e-mail that returns a message to you when your message has been read.


    Class Rules, Consequences & Rewards

    Class Rules (First Graders)

    1.   Listen carefully

    2.   Follow directions

    3.   Raise your hand to speak

    4.      Finish all tasks and projects

    5.    Respect others and their property

    6.    Keep desks and room neat and organized



    Green Card:   5 minutes off recess—no daily sticker

    Yellow Card:  10 minutes off recess—possible note to parents/ behavior note sent to parents that must be signed and returned the following day; possible parent/teacher conference

    Red Card:       no recess—visit principal’s office and mandatory parent/teacher conference


    Note: Parents will be contacted if their child receives more than 2 red cards in a week. They will be required to have a conference with the teacher to discuss their child’s behavior. Your child will mark their daily behavior on their Homework Sheet.




    1.   If no behavior cards are moved for the day, the student will receive a sticker on their white card. After a student has received 10 stickers, they can visit the treasure box to claim a treat or prize!

    2.   Students who have no cards pulled all week will receive a treat from the treasure box on Friday.

    3.   Once a month, the class will pick a Terrific Kid. The criterion for this was discussed earlier in this letter. Terrific Kid also receives a special treat!


    Please keep this copy of the rules, consequences, and rewards for reference during the school year.


    Please read and discuss class rules, consequences, and rewards with your child. During the first few weeks of school, we will be discussing classroom rules in depth so your child has complete understanding of the expectations for behavior in first grade and has a complete understanding of different procedures used during our different classroom activities.


    Being Prepared to Learn

    Be sure your child gets plenty of rest, eats a healthy breakfast, and is on time each day. We have a very tight schedule to follow and must begin our morning activities promptly. Tardy students interrupt the learning of other students, and they also miss out on important learning opportunities. As such, your child needs to be seated and ready to begin their work by the time the tardy bell rings. To accomplish this, your child needs to be in the classroom no later than 7:50 to unpack their bookbag, turn in any homework, and begin their morning assignment. Students arriving after the tardy bell will be marked tardy.