• January 28th- 1st!

    January 28th- 1st!

    Breazeale – Jazlyn BrownleeCronic – Gabi FernandezGray – Madison AtkinsLeRoy – Nolan RicheyMartin – Ellie WilkesSenn – Avery AshworthSpeight – Joaquin RodriquezThornton – J. Steele StuckeyMath• Geometry and GraphingShared Reading• Poem – student made• Basal Story – The Big TripRead-Aloud• Unit Books & Winter BooksWord Study• there, by, could, don’t, car, about• Word Families - -eat, -ean• Vowel Pairs (ee, ea)Writing• Authors as Mentors• Language Usage (adjectives, nouns, etc.)On Thursday, February 7 Concord will hostinformation fair. This is designed for currentand prospective students and their parents tolearn more information about the IBProgramme. This is not a traditionalclassroom visitation night. Only one classroomper grade-level will be open for each session.If you would like to learn more about what weare learning at Concord, please make sure toattend (6:00-6:45).January 30 – Writer’s Guild @ 8:15January 30 – Terrific Kid @ 1:15February 1 – 100th Day of SchoolFebruary 4 – Magnet Fair at TLHFebruary 6 – Dismissal at 11:00February 7 – IB Info Fair at 6:00February 14 – Valentine’s DayWe will celebrate the 100th Day of School onFriday, February 1st. Please make sure that yourchild’s project is sent to school by Thursday,January 31st. Also, begin to get your child’s 100costume together…we can’t wait to see what theythink they will look like at 100! If you have anyquestions about what is expected for the 100thday please email us!Central Idea: Traditions and actions ofindividuals affect needs and wants of adiverse population.Lines of Inquiry:• cultures around the world• needs and wants of families• economic choices• geographical concepts

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