• Windows 7 Tutorials
    As a part of the Anderson 5 Laptop Initiative, you will receive 1 point for the Windows Training below. You may complete the tutorials by viewing the PDF's or watching the videos listed below. The Chrome Web Browser works best for watching the videos.
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    Laptop Training PowerPoint
    Middle and High School Teachers 
    Download this file to view the entire training. You will need to click Enable external content for this session and OK in the Security Alert window.
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    Laptop Roster (Completed Laptop Training) 
    Windows 7
     Windows 7 Overview (Full Screen Video Here)
      Windows 7: Pin and Jump (Full Screen Video Here)
      Windows 7 Aero (Full Screen Video Here)
     Windows 7 Folders (Full Screen Video Here)
      Windows 7 Snipping (Full Screen Video Here)