• Spelling Contract Reminders

    ·        Use ALL 10 words for each activity. For the remainder of the year you are responsible for learning all 10 words. There will be no pretest on Mondays. The                             word of the week is a bonus word worth two extra points on the test.

    ·        The menu in the orange spelling folder will be used for the entire month so please don’t write on it.

    ·        If an activity requires a parent signature (Spelling City and Sweet Words), the student should write in orange journal page saying they completed the                                   assignment and  parent can sign the paper.

    ·        Label each activity with the name listed on the menu on journal page. Remember to write neatly and use front and back of each page in journal.

    ·        The orange spelling contract folder will be sent home on Monday and is DUE back to school on Friday.

    ·        This is a participation grade so please make sure all contract points are earned each week.