• September Terrific Kid


    Our Terrific Kid for September is the wonderful...Ava!!  Ava is a precious girl who always tries her best at everything she does.  You can always find Ava lending a helping hand or encouraging a friend who needs it.  We are so proud of Ava for earning this prestigious award!  Way to go girl!!


    October Terrific Kid


    The terrific kid for October is the loving Landon!!  Landon is one of the happiest children I've ever met.  He is constantly encouraging not only his classmates but me as well.  He tries his best and always has a great attitude.  We are so proud of Landon for earning this honor!


    November Terrific Kid


    The terrific kid for November is the brilliant Braycen!  Braycen is so sweet and quiet but when he gets you one on one, he has so many great stories to tell.  He is a video game loving, math whiz who gets along with everyone all of the time.  We are so proud of Braycen for being chosen as our terrific kid!!  Woohoo!


    January Terrific Kid


    The Terrific Kid for January is the precious Tatia!!  Tatia is one of a kind.  She is smart, kind, and always has a huge smile on her face.  Tatia spends 20 minutes everyday after school cleaning up the classroom and resetting it for the next day.  :)  We are so proud of sweet Tatia for earning this award.  Great job girl!!


    February Terrific Kid



    The Terrific Kid for February is the wonderful Caden!  Caden is such a kind and gentle hearted friend.  He is very polite, helpful, and always tries his best.  Caden loves his friends and gets along with everyone.  We are so excited that Caden has earned this award.  Woohoo Caden!!!! 


    March Terrific Kid


    Jaidyn is our terrific kid for March.  Jaidyn is good friend and a great helper.  He works hard and has such a sweet smile.  We are so proud of Jaidyn for earning this award.  Great job!


    April Terrific Kid


    The terrific kid for April is Kayley.  Kayley is such a great helper and  has the best stories to tell!  She is kind to everyone and is a bucket filler for anyone who needs it.  We are so proud of our Kayley for be April's terrific kid.  Great job girl!


    May Terrific Kid


    Our May Terrific Kid is Kylen.  Kylen is one of those people that everyone wants to be their friend.  He loves everyone and always can tell how others are feeling.  He loves to help and does it frequently.  Great job Kylen!  We love you!!!