• Here is a little bit about me!  
    My Favorites

     Foods: salads, sandwiches, soups, and anything spicy
    Animals: horses, rabbits, cats, dogs
    Places: beach, mountains, CHILDHOOD HOME
    Season: fall
    Sport: none-I don't watch sports but I do like so see my nephew play soccer and my neice play tennis
    Subject: Science
    Hobbies: traveling, spending time with family, cooking, shopping, decorating
    Dislikes: negative attitudes
     Reece and McKinley-My sister's children. They are my heart!!
    Mckinley and Reece
    My niece, Brooklyn, AKA Pink Baby!
    All about my family: I moved back to my hometown of Anderson 3
    years ago to be closer to my family. I lived in Greenwood for ten years.
    I have awesome parents!
    I have 2 brothers and a sister.
    I have 7 neices and nephews.
    I AM VERY CLOSE TO MY FAMILY!! We do lots of fun things together.
     My parents and my sister-Litchfield Beach, South Carolina
    I have one cat: Jessie and one hamster: Zoey.