• Important Information


    ClassDojo is one of our main communication resources.  I upload pictures of daily happenings, fun lessons, field trips, etc.  I am also able to communicate with you personally and privately through the message component, and I send out reminders to all parents through this app.  It is very important that you are connected on this app!
    Communication Folder:
    Your child's communication folder is one of our main tool for communication.  On the weekly
    newsletter in the front of the folder, you will find information regarding our weekly WWW
    (Word Wall Words), what we are studying in each subject area, homework, special area schedule, negative points, and any important information I want you to know for the week.  Please look in your child's folder each night, and initial in the box to the right on the weekly newsletter.  I would also love for you to go over the WWW with your child each night to ensure that they are learning all they can!  Please feel free to send notes in the folder, or write notes on the newsletter in the front of the folder.  I want to keep open communication with you!  Together, we can make your child the best he/she can be!!!

    Information/Transportation Changes- If your child's information (phone number, address, tansportation, etc.) changes, please send a note to school noting the changes.  If your child's transportation changes, I must be notified by a written notice.

    Volunteering- If you would like to volunteer, please send me an email and let me know!  There are some ways you can help out if you would like!

    Breakfast- Breakfast is free to all students.  If you would like your child to eat breakfast at Calhoun, they need to be here by 7:30.  Breakfast ends at 7:45, and they must be finished by then.

    Lunch-  Our lunch time each day is 11:05-11:30.  Please feel free to come eat lunch with your child.  Adult lunch is $4.00.



    Special Area Schedule

    Monday:  Music/Library
    Tuesday:  Art/Guidance
    Wednesday:  PE (Wear tennis shoes!)
    Thursday:  Dance
    Friday:  Drama

    Box Tops, Facebook, Cartridges...OH MY!!!

    There are LOTS of ways to help our school!  Here are just a few of those ways:  You can collect and turn in Box Tops, Campbell's soup labels, Tyson Chicken labels, juice pouches, and Sunny Delight wrappers.  When you turn these into our school, we then get money and books in return.  This is a huge help to our school!!! 

    Also, on facebook, you can vote for our school to win $500,000.  And, you can have a voice in how we spend the money.  Just go to www.facebook.com/kohls.

    Recycling used printer cartridges is another great way to help our school.  If you donate any used printer cartridges to our school, the owner of Inkster's will give us credit toward ink for our school printers and copiers!  Please help with this!



    Contact Information

    If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me through email stacysmith@anderson5.net or you can call the school (260-5090) and leave a message for me.

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