Maternity Leave

  • Congratulations on the addition of a new family member! 
    If you are a mother-to-be and enrolled in one of the two State Health Plans, you are encouraged to enroll and participate in the free maternity management program.  More information and instructions for enrollment are located on page 63 of the 2020 Insurance Benefits Guide .
    If you are planning to add your baby to your insurance, please contact the Benefits Office for information on when and how to complete the process.  A long-form birth certificate will be required.  Please see the "PEBA Enrollment Documentation Worksheet" link below.
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    *Short Term Disability While on Maternity Leave
    If you are enrolled in short-term disability insurance, it will pay you for six weeks for a normal delivery and eight weeks for a cesarean section delivery.  Your premium and weekly benefit is based on the category in which you are enrolled.  Sick leave days are NOT an offset to this coverage so this benefit will pay even if you have sick days to cover your absence.
    If you are not sure if you have this coverage, you can refer to your pay stub, the deduction is listed as DISABIL, or you may contact the benefits office at (864) 260-5000, ext. 10145 or 10103.
    Once you apply for Family Medical Leave, a claim form will be sent to you if you are enrolled in this coverage.  If you would like to request a claim form or have questions, please contact the benefits office.
    This form should be submitted, along with a doctor's statement, prior to your entering maternity leave.  It can be accessed through the District Intranet under "Administrative Documents" from a district computer.   Please see the FMLA FAQs page for additional information.