• TEACHERS/ADMINISTRATORS (if applicable)...
    • Please be sure to turn in your SC Teacher Certificate. 
    • If you do not have it yet, please submit it to the Office of Personnel as soon as you receive it from the SC State Department of Education.
    NOTE: If you are coming to us from outside the state of South Carolina, please be sure you have already begun the SC Certification process. (Certification packets can be obtained from the Office of Personnel.)
    NOTE: Out-of-state experience MUST be verified with the SC State Department of Education.  YOU WILL ONLY BE PAID ACCORDING TO EXPERIENCE VERIFIED BY THE SC SDE.
    • Please be sure your name/address match what is shown on your SC Teacher Certificate AND SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. 
    Payroll will only pay you according to the name shown on the social security card you present.
    If there is a discrepancy, please take steps now to change this information by:
    • Visiting the Social Security Administration office to apply for an updated social security card. (You will be required to provide supporting documentation, i.e., marriage license, divorce decree/court order, birth certificate, etc) and
    Address and/or name changes should be kept current with the Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits offices as well as with the SC State Department of Education.
    If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Human Resources at (864) 260-5000, ext. 10186 or you may send an email to cathysutherland@anderson5.net.