• IB Attributes and the Learner Profile

    Every week during classroom guidance, students will learn about an IB attribute and how they apply to academics, their personal/social life, and the world around them.
    There are ten attributes on the IB learner profile that express the values inherent to the IB continuum of international education.  These attributes are a vital focus in helping students to develop positive attitudes towards people, the environment, and learning.
    IB Attribute for September:
    Being the best student I can be!
    We want all students to do their best and be the best student that they can be!  You may wonder what that means, to be the "best I can be?"  A student is the best that they can be when they come to school prepared and ready to learn.  They listen and follow directions.  They are respectful to their teacher and classmates.  They try their best on every assignment, even if the work is hard.  They have a positive attitude no matter what is going on.  Can you think of other ways to be the best student that you can be?  I wonder...