• Glenview Middle School -- 8th Grade Team Discipline

    Behavioral Expectations

    1.     The Golden Rule- I will treat others in the manner I would like to be treated. There is no tolerance for bullying, harassment, and teasing.  I know what is right and what is wrong, and that will be evident from my actions and words. How I respond to all humans is a reflection of who I am, what I value, and how much I respect myself.

    2.    Respect- Respecting myself and others is very important. When I respect myself, I become a better person. I will be respectful to my peers, teachers, classmates, administrators, staff, and all visitors at Glenview Middle School.

    3.    Honesty- I will be honest with myself and others.  I do my own work.  If I have done something wrong, I will admit it. I will ask permission to borrow materials and remember to return those items.  Reporting someone for being dishonest, especially when it is hurtful or harmful, is the right thing to do.

    4.    Self-Discipline- As a student about to move on to high school, I will be in charge of my behavior and academics.  I am in control of my work habits, interactions with others, and response to others. I will use my agenda to keep track of assignments and be responsible for my work. I will strive to be a role model for others.

    5.    Behavior- I will model good behavior throughout the school, at school events, and in the community. I will always remember that how I behave reflects how others view me, my family, my team, and Glenview Middle School.


    Students are essentially allowed three strikes for minor infractions in each classroom.  Minor level I disorderly behavior infractions will have the following consequences:

    1st issue warning

    2nd issue lunch detention and 

    3rd issue lunch detention

    4th issue AM or PM 30 minute detention, home contact, and team documentation

         *Student reflection form during detention.

    5th or more issues, referral to the office