• Dance Beginner                                                         (1 unit each)

    Prerequisites:  Audition

    BEGINNER.  This is an entry-level course.  It introduces dance to the beginner dancer or color guard member.  The student will be introduced to various dance styles through history and technique.  The student will identify and demonstrate movement elements and skills and apply them while performing dance.  They will implement choreographic principles, processes, and structures.  The student will use dance as a medium to communicate meaning and/or artistic intent.  He/she will demonstrate an understanding of dance in various cultures and historical periods.  The student will make connections between dance and other arts disciplines, other content areas, and the world.


    Dance Intermediate / Advanced                               (1 unit each)

    Prerequisites:  Audition OR previous level Dance course with teacher recommendation.


    These courses will focus on intermediate and advanced technique, choreography, dance styles, performance skills, and critical analysis of dance works.  The student will be given more complex assignments to enhance their understanding of dance and choreography.  The students that are signed up for this course will be required to perform at community performances throughout the year.  This course will further the students’ exploration of his/her movement qualities and choreographic process and strategies.  These students are required to choreograph dance pieces for fall and spring showcases.  Honors credit is available for levels 3 and above.  To receive honors credit students are required to complete an honors contract. Honors credit courses require students to complete an advanced curriculum with rigorous coursework that increases the level of student performance in the arts area.