• Theatre 2 - 10                                        (1 unit each)

    Prerequisites:  Audition or previous level course AND teacher recommendation.


    These courses are designed for the experienced theatre student.  The major emphasis of the program is performance oriented.  Activities center on ensemble work, monologues, improvisations, script writing, projects, and play productions.  Text and lecture provide background information necessary for a number of hands-on projects including, but not limited to: script readings, performance of humorous and dramatic interpretations, monologue and duet scene presentations, and script writing.  Projects include a Broadway Musical Project and the study of a Shakespeare play culminating in scene performances.  The technical aspects of theatre are also examined and utilized.  Audition and production techniques in preparation for being a part of school, community and professional theater productions are also components of this class.  Teacher recommendation for continued placement is based on class average, participation, and attendance. Honors credit is available for levels 3 and above. 


    To receive honors credit students are required to complete an honors contract. Honors credit courses require students to complete an advanced curriculum with rigorous coursework that increases the level of student performance in the arts area.